About Razvana

Hello there! I'm Razvana Khan, and I bring with me 8 years of experience in the UK property market, specializing in property sales and investments on both local and international fronts. Recently, I've joined Noah's with the exciting mission to pioneer a fresh approach to property brokering.

Beyond the world of real estate, you'll find me on the netball court scoring goals, striking yoga poses, hitting the gym, and expressing my creative side through painting. I've got a bit of an adrenaline addiction too – having jumped out of a plane not once, but three times!

Aside from the hustle in the property market, my heart melts for dogs. I'm a certified dog lover, and whether I'm sealing property deals or enjoying some downtime, you can bet there's a furry friend nearby.

So, join me on this journey where property meets passion, and let's redefine the real estate game together. Exciting times ahead!