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What is Noahs London All About?

Where did Noahs London come from and what is it all about....

Well, I think Covid taught the world a lot about what was important in life. For us, our company was born from the pandemic and we are happy to say that we learnt a lot! Some of the learning we have done as a general population is obvious, for instance; the importance of the work life balance; spending time with loved ones; savings are more important than we may have realised before; we have befriended technology and there is no going back now; trust in one another has frayed but it can be restored; crowds will return but will gather carefully; self care is not self indulgence; work can be anywhere; and when your world gets small, nature lets us live large;

Having been born out of the crisis Noahs has only ever operated in uncertainty. All we know is hard work, hard markets and how to learn. I personally wanted to single handily change the way that estate agents operated when I started in 2020. A few of you know my personal distaste for the slick back haired estate agent... but I have also learnt. The pandemic has taught us all so much, and my example at Noahs is but a tiny complement to how we have bounced back as a people and a population. We are firefly in the natural beauty of change. I think everyone has had the opportunity to look in the preverbal mirror and see what they want and the changes they would like to make.

Noahs has had such great success in its first 3 years and now with our beautiful shop on Lancaster Road we have the pleasure of meeting more and more of our friends and clients alike face to face instead of over the phone. We are achieving more than ever was thought possible in such a short space of time and we press on!

The industry needed an overhaul, that was obvious, but change has come and continues. We have stuck out heads above the crowds and been determined to raise the standard in Notting Hill and there are other agents who have also done the same. I know that we have a long way to go and the journey will be a bumpy one, but personally I am excited. As the figurehead of the business I will always keep honestly and service at the forefront of what we do. I don't get it right all the time but I am never afraid to admit when we have got it wrong, say sorry, and ask for help.

With more options becoming available to home owners and landlords to sell and rent their own homes online, high street agents have had to start to rethink their business models. Noahs has succeeded because we are committed to change, committed to learning, and committed to service. We also value technology more than anyone else. The pandemic taught us so much about the power of technology in marketing, in sales and in social media. We have developed and continue to develop processes that dominate the historic process of the past and I know that we set ourselves apart from the competition. I consider it a success because we have contributed to change.

Our goals remain unchanged but perhaps more focused. Those being integrity, service and bringing the fun back to the London Property Market. if you are looking to be a apart of the property market at all in the coming years, then we would love to come along for the journey. We offer help wherever it is needed. Buying, selling, renting or letting we are here for you. Your goals are our goals.

Thank you for the start, welcome to the adventure, J. Zaccharia MNAEA, CEO & FOUNDER

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