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Valuing London property is no science, it's an art and like all art, it's subjective! Sure, anyone can put pen to paper and produce a picture, but is that really art? Not exactly.

In the modern age we live in most computer literate people can get a good idea of their property value without having to invite an Estate Agent into their personal space. However, even though these very clever property apps can often be a good guide, they can also get it very wrong. Unfortunately they cannot anticipate market fluctuations and they certainly cannot offer advice on who is out and about and looking. If pop us a quick call we would love nothing more than to help you pin down a true value for your home and maximise that with advice of local property fashions and 'in the moment' trends.



Don't worry, we talk about more than just the price!

It can be nerve racking pressing the 'request a valuation' button on any property site, let alone directly with an Estate Agent. The thought of moving isn't what scares us, it's the idea that we are openly requesting an Estate Agent to call us! The thought of being bombarded with sales people hassling us to sell our homes when all we really wanted was an approximate value for a mortgage application. Maybe is was just to reassured about our property value given all the recent market fluctuations! Well don't worry, although we do love to talk. we certainly don't like to hassle. We will give you a call and always end the conversation with a plan we will stick to!

The average experience of our team is over 9 years in the industry. We will be able to tell you a very good idea of what your place might be worth sometimes without even having to invite ourselves round!

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