About Jacob

Ah, the enigmatic Estate agent, a species that can be spotted from a mile away. I am not exactly sure what it is about them that makes us all feel a little uneasy, but being one myself, one of my life goals is to rebuild the reputation of our wonderful profession. Unfortunately the profession has fallen victim to 'the salesman', that being people in badly fitting suits, with flashy cars, flashier watches and a penchant for stretching the truth in most of their conversations. The suit should be reserved for the occasion and the profession, the car should be clean not shiny, and any good watch should have a step counter on it. Honesty should be the only thing coming out of their mouths.

I have been in the industry for over a decade and I am still as addicted to it as I was on day one. I love what I do, I love what we are building at Noahs and I love helping others. Call it a passion or call it madness, but I genuinely adore what I do. When I am not at my desk pushing the business on and reconstructing the tarnished reputation of our profession, I am a loving husband, a father of two unbelievable boys and a public speaker. As often as I can I volunteer my services with and an organisation called The XCC, a mental health focused charity built to help men. I pride myself on the work I do with this charity because like so many people in our world I have experienced my fair share of brokenness and needed someone to put the puzzle pieces back together. Ask me whatever you like about this part of my life, but be warned, you will find it hard to shut me up once I get going!

I was once asked what makes Noahs different to any other agency. The answer was simple: we try in every way we can to not act like estate agents. We are people focused not deal focused. Our attitude centres around what we can give, not what we can take.

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Enrico S

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