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Transforming Awkward Spaces

Jun 08, 2020

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The Awkward Friend
Most of us have that awkward friend. The one who we dread inviting over for dinner with others because they’re not particularly sociable and somehow manage to make even the most casual of situations feel awkward just by being there. They’re usually too quiet or too brash and either way have a difficult time blending in, probably because they’re wearing an obscure hat or bizarre cardigan.

So, what’s the difference between that friend and the friend who everyone describes as “quirky” instead? The quirky mate can read the room, has a little more self-awareness, knows exactly how to blend in (despite being completely out of place) and has worked out that if you pair your funky hat with some good conversation, you can absolutely rock it.
The same can be said for those frustratingly difficult-to-sell spaces in your home. Awkward spaces are a massive turn-off for a potential buyer who is unable to imagine a way in which to fill it or make it work for them. Despite the additional area an awkward space may well offer in terms of square footage, if they can’t find a use for it, you can bet it’ll end up as the reason they choose to carry on looking elsewhere. However, if they look upon that same space as a fun quirk they can’t wait to show their friends, you may well be talking numbers before the viewing is over.

Luckily, transforming awkward spaces into inspiring, checklist-ticking, quirky features in your home has become very en-trend of late, and we’ve been keeping notes. Trust us, you don’t need the likes of George Clarke to show you how it’s done - that is, unless you want to build a wigwam with windows made of recycled bottle caps... If all you want is to turn your sale-preventing corner or room into a quality attribute within your home, on a budget and with minimal effort, we can help. Here are some quick wins...

Statement lighting
We’ve all swooned after a ceiling light or floor lamp we didn’t think we were cool enough to pull off featuring in our living room - well guess what? Your awkward space is crying out for a moment in the spotlight. The worst thing you can do is pretend these spaces aren’t there, in fact we recommend you show them off more. So shine a light, give your space a little attention-grabbing, conversation starting illumination!

Alternative chairs
People have written essays on the impact a single chair can have, art has been created around a person’s favourite seat. Adding a bespoke stool, a kooky armchair or even an upcycled stadium bench(!) doesn’t just give you another opportunity to add a little more personality to your home, it gives the space a purpose too. It’s a spot on a landing to sit and catch your breath, a perch by the window to admire your surroundings - or the perfect place to pile clean washing for collection.

Indoor plants
The quickest way to give a little life to a corner otherwise forgotten? Add a plant. No need to spend more time in your local garden centre than you already do, head online to one of the many very millennial plant retailers and buy with one click. They’ll even tell you the ones which require the least effort to keep alive. Your space might only call for a sweet pot plant on a tiny table, but a large palm or monstera presented in a gorgeous ceramic planter will really help to enhance a room.

Wall hangings
We’ve specifically said “wall hangings” here because actually, you can hang almost anything on a wall! From summer holiday hats and beads, to pressed foliage and family photos, sometimes just one frame will not do! We can spend so much time curating the furniture and features in our home to make them picture-perfect, that we forget about including the real personal touches too. So, how about creating a quirky corner all about you?

Smart storage
Gone are the days where the only place you could store you sh*t was in the loft or crammed on top of the wardrobe. Nowadays, you have the luxury of making your storage solution a feature in your home, and that awkward space you can’t really fit much in is the ideal place for it. Carefully pile vintage trunks filled with your old magazines and lounge throws, fill a button leather footstool with wires you know you’ll need some day. Storage, but make it fashion, ya know?

If you’ve an awkward space you feel is holding back the sale of your home, our guys are full of quirky ideas, so just give us a call if you’d like us to come take a look!