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The Notting Hill Local Hero and the Furloughed Foodies!

Apr 19, 2020

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The Notting Hill Local Hero and the Furloughed Foodies!

As we all know the Coronavirus has had a devastating affect on just about every aspect of our lives. For most of us though it may just be something of a minor inconvenience. Ricky Gervais was recently asked about how he was coping with Lockdown life and he responded with “You’ll never hear me complain. Not when there’s nurses doing 40-hour shifts”

This is the kind of attitude we love. However, what we love even more is when one of our very own local residents stands up and decides to go and do more than his or her fair share. Floris ten Nijenhuis, a local resident found himself to be one of the many London workforce who were furloughed. Paying close attention to the fact that all restaurants were closed and supermarkets were overstretched with often long queues to get in, he made the connection that our Local Super Hero’s, our NHS Doctors and Nurses needed their own mini hero’s. Floris took it upon himself to start cooking healthy meals for those NHS staff who didn’t have easy access to good food.

It wasn’t long before Floris had built a 400-man team of furloughed Londoners who now cook and deliver to over 15 hospitals and GP surgeries in West London! Oh and did we mention he and his team have also raised over £15,000 in donations since starting their service in April.

Furloughed Foodies as it is now known, is one the Notting Hill Residents contributions to the National Response to COVID-19.

All we want to say at Noahs is THANK YOU Floris, THANK YOU Furloughed Foodies, and THANK YOU to all of you at our NHS. We love and appreciate you for all that you have done and you are still doing!