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Notting Hill Carnival 2020 - IT'S CANCELLED, thanks again COVID-19!

Apr 26, 2020

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Notting Hill Carnival
Notting Hill Carnival is one of those events that divides the Notting Hill residents! Some can't wait for it, and they spend their evenings and weekends tirelessly working on their costumes and outfits and some spend their evenings and weekend planning their less eventful weekend elsewhere!

Since the very first time it was held in 1966 it has never been missed...until now. COVID-19 has yet again reared its ugly head in our day to day and put a stop to the Notting Hill Carnival for the first time in history. The Carnival weekend is about celebrating Caribbean culture and traditions in London and now more than ever I feel like London would have celebrated it like never before!
The first “carnival” – organised by black Marxist Claudia Jones was a defiant response to the racists that attacked Notting Hill the year before. In recent years the Carnival has been accused of too much corporate sponsorship, which some believe dilutes its radical roots, but I feel like 2020 would have bought back more than ever the emphasis on the importance of celebrating this culture and although BLM activists have always been present at the carnival I think this year they would have rightly had the strongest support in recent years.

With people standing up to the oppression and blatant racism in the world the Carnival would have been so wonderful for highlighting the issues that need addressing. It has done this since 1966 but now more than ever, people are listening! Even though the Carnival may not happen this year there is a movement that we all need to get behind and support! Yes, we are Estate Agents and our platform is mainly used to sell and let property, but it’s our responsibility as people to do our part, and use what tools we have, and we believe, Black Lives Matter!

Whether the Carnival gets you jumping for joy or nipping out of London for a quieter weekend, it cannot be argued that it is a vitally important part of our culture and Notting Hill and London are less for it not being on this year.