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Kensington Area Guide

The Royal Borough of Kensington. With more garden squares than an al-fresco geometry class, Kensington will woo you with its pristine porch-fronted Victorian terraces, seduce you with its museums, and refuse to let you go home without a nightcap.

Hailed as the ‘Royal Borough’ in 1901, upper class families flocked here to form the most elite of neighbourhoods, and a wealth of appropriately la-de-dah shops and restaurants popped up to keep them all happy. The buildings are kept wonderfully pristine and a wealth of parks provide a slice of solace on a sunny afternoon.If you’re a museum lover, this is YOUR MOMENT. Science, history, art, design, you name it, Kensington’s got it. Run around, soak it up and saturate that brain of yours with as much culture as it can take. You can start with the Design Museum in Holland Park, head to the V&A then head on over to the Science and Natural History Museums to see all the dinosaurs, robots and fun things for the kids. What’s best is they’re all so close together that you could probably get round them all in a day, not that you would if you lived here.

Now, a subject close to our heart at Noahs...food. In Kensington you can find it all. Start with the morning croissants and baguettes from Oree Boulangerie on Fulham Road, grab a coffee from just about anyway from there to La Cave a Fromage on Cromwell Place where you will find one of the best cheese selections in London, then you can head on over to the hugely impressive art deco Wholefoods Barkers building on High Street Kensington for the groceries.

Now where to go for the evening meal? You could go and meet Bill, Ben, Splosh and Pecks, the four Resident roof top flamingos in the Kensington Roof Gardens, or you could have something a little more 'out-there', like a dining Pod in Londons Secret Garden (to be honest its about a secret as a smile but it is very good!). You could try romantic Indian Cuisine a the Bombay Brasserie or one of my favourite Italian restaurants, Daphnes.

Kensington spoils you for culinary choice, it tantalises your cultural tastebuds and it lights a fire in your spirit for fun while seeking out the night life of London. It really is a lovely place to live and work.